Slept right, woke up right!

I think it’s the traveling that makes it all the more tiring, along with the lack of sleep. Today has definitely been exhausting. The morning started off with Hillsong Sisterhood soup, slippers & beanbags day then Hillsong Foundation Supper. In order to get to each event meant I had to go through peak hour traffic on a bus… yup that’s right, a bus. I don’t mind train and I honestly rather drive, but I definitely hate the thought of taking a bus. But in the position that I’m in at the moment, it’ll have to do. I can’t wait to get a new car.

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I managed to get about 2-3hours sleep between the two events. The best part of it was that I fell asleep around 11pm and had deep sleep until 4:30am 🙂 I woke up feeling soo good!! I just can’t believe what I’m missing out on just because I can’t sleep properly. I’m also surprised just how comfortable a bean bag is! Definitely on my list of to-buys!

I’m now up, energized! (Y) Ready to start and finish the day off exceptionally. All I have to do is a Transport Economics assignment then I’m sleeping over Judith’s house. ^^


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