Fix your eyes on Jesus

[She] went after her lovers, but Me she forgot, says the LORD.
Hosea 2:13

Not that I actually ‘go’ after my lovers, because I don’t chase, but this verse was an eye-opener that I am often distracted by my love life, so consumed by the relationship that I’m in that I forget to focus on God. In turn, I don’t put Jesus as the center in my life and I know that. I feel so off-balance in life when Jesus isn’t at the center. Other aspects of my life falls a part, and I fall back into bad habits when I don’t focus on Christ.

In Hebrews chapter 12, it talks about fixing our eyes on God, the perfector of our faith. I really need to re-direct my attention. God isn’t a side part of my life, He is the center. And the further I get away from him, the more disheartened I feel, the more bitter I feel, and the more sidetrack I get.


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