Just one of those days

IMG_6439 You know those days where you don’t feel good on the inside so you try to look good on the outside? You dress up, brush your hair, put on your make-up. You go shopping and try on clothes, in hope that you’d feel better when you see that you look better than how you felt. Those kind of days often occur after a difficult night. That’s the awesome thing about make-up and clothes. No matter how bad you felt, you can still look good. But here’s the thing about that misplaced expectation. No matter how good you look on the outside, you wouldn’t be able to see it or feel it on the inside. Even if you look good in photographs on those days, when you look at yourself there will still always be something wrong. Your cheeks are puffy, your eyes just look quite right, and there seem to be something wrong with your smile. And you just can’t fix it.


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