Opportunity vs Challenge

Today I decided to look at life through the almond-tree mentality after hearing Robert Ferguson sermon. It’s the same concept as looking at the glass half-full. I decided to continue to work on being positive. That instead of putting all this pressure on myself to be the best and make the most of everything that was in my path-way. I decided to appreciate what I have and be aware that I am already blessed with the opportunity, rather than being stressed at the challenge. My goals don’t change, but my perspective does.

You know, there’s always a ‘why’ to the things we devote ourselves to and the goals that we set. Regardless of whether my ‘why’ was strong enough to sustain me through the difficult times, I choose to place the power in to whom it is that I gather my strength, that I find favour and blessings from. And that’s God. My who, is Christ, whom has always been enough and will always be enough. I know God is proud of how far I’ve come and has plenty set out for me in life, and I need not to be anxious about the future, but enjoy it as it comes.

-I’m currently looking for an appropriate place to rent in the city, one that will allow me to bring my kitten and have my own room and is near work.

-My aim is to pick up everything really quick at work and be fully equipped to work independently without training within the first 4-6 weeks.

– I also aim to win the co-op of the year award.

– I’m taking on studies while I’m working as well. Hopefully this year, I get the subjects I intend to out of the way. I think what will be most challenging is 2016, when I take on full-time studies with full-time work, given that I will be working and where and how flexible my manager would be.


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